and Swiss Championship 2015
April 10th-12th    Boltigen, Switzerland
The Experience

Tournament Details

The tournament will be Class A, McMahon pairings with 7 rounds, 1-hour thinking time per side plus Canadian byo-yomi periods (5 minutes / 15 stones). The first round will begin Friday April 10th at 9:00AM, but players are encouraged to arrive Thursday evening. We will have an opening ceremony at 20:00 Thursday, followed by a "warm-up" lecture by In-seong. The final round will be Sunday morning, followed by the closing ceremony around 12:00P. Click here to see the full schedule.

This year, the Boltigen Teamhaus Go Tournament will also be serving as the 2015 Swiss Championship! Winners of the tournament and Swiss Championship will be announced separately. The winner of the tournament will receive the tournament champion's trophy. The winner and runner-up of the Swiss Championship will have the opportunity to represent Switzerland in 2 international tournaments to be announced.

Cash prizes will also be awarded to the three top finishers in the tournament who are not winners of the Swiss Championship sponsorships.

Trophies The cash prizes will be as follows:

  1st Place: 300 CHF/€
  2nd Place: 150 CHF/€
  3rd Place: 50 CHF/€

Non-cash prizes will also be awarded to ALL remaining participants based on performance.

The fees are broken down into 3 types: the Tournament Fee, the Food/Facility Fee, and the Bed Fee.
The standard Tournament Fee is 35 CHF/€. If you are a full-time student, you qualify for the discounted rate of 15 CHF/€.
The Food/Facility Fee is 130 CHF/€ and covers all of the food & beverages, lectures, movies, and use of all of the facility amenities for the duration of the tournament. This fee is required for all attendees, whether or not you choose to stay overnight at the Teamhaus (tournament site).
Finally, the Bed Fee is determined by which bed/room you select when you register and varies from 50 CHF/€ for a sleeping bag in the Game Room to 200 CHF/€ for a double bed in the nicest Deluxe Room. These amounts cover all 3 nights of the tournament. Note: there is no discount for staying fewer nights. You can view photos of the different rooms by clicking on the floor plans at the bottom of the Facility page and hovering over the various camera icons. Bed reservations are on a first-come first-served basis, so be sure to register early for the best spots!