and Swiss Championship 2015
April 10th-12th    Boltigen, Switzerland
The Experience

Registration Instructions

There are 3 parts to the registration process: 1)Tournament Registration, 2)Bed Reservation, and 3)Bed Selection.

1) Main Reservation

The main reservation page is fairly self-explanatory -- simply fill-out and/or select entries from the various fields. It is important that you enter a current and valid primary email address, since this will be used for all follow-up communications and will also serve as your login for editing your registration. You can see a more detailed description of the fields by hovering over the text boxes.

To edit an existing registration, enter the primary email address you entered for you initial registration. Next, enter your password, which would have been emailed to you soon after you registered. Click the 'Retrieve' button to bring up the data from your registration.

Once the information entered in the boxes looks correct, click the 'Save/Continue' button to continue on to the Bed Reservation page. If you do not want to save your reservation information, you may click 'Cancel' to return to the Home page without saving. If you wish to remove an existing registration, first retrieve it using the login and password at the top of the registration screen, then click 'Delete'. This will remove all of your registration information from the database.

2) Bed Reservation

The Bed Reservation page contains the final information needed to complete your reservation. If you are editing an existing registration, your previously-entered information will appear on the screen, including bed selection, if you have already selected a bed. If you have not already selected a bed, the boxes on this screen will be blank. In this case, you should immediately click the 'Select or Change Bed' button. Once your bed is selected, the bed details will be displayed in the text boxes. If both top and bottom bunk options are available for the bed you've selected, then you will see radio button options listed for top and bottom.

Under 'Additional Info', you will see checkbox options for whether you are a full-time student, whether you would like your bed choice to remain private (anonymous), and whether or not you would be willing to share a double bed for a discount, in case all of the beds happen to fill up. You will also see radio button options for displaying your price data in Swiss Francs or Euros.

Once all of the information is correct, click either 'Save/Return to Registration' or 'Save/Continue to Finish' at the bottom of the page. If you do not wish to save the information on this page, you may click 'Cancel'.

3) Bed Selection

The Bed Selection page is probably the most fun feature on the website. From here you can take a tour of the three bedroom floors to see what the rooms look like and check out which beds are available and for what prices. Once you find the bed you want, simply click on the bed icon, and you will be automatically forwarded back to the Bed Reservation page, where all of the bed details will be filled in for you. If you decide not to select a bed at this time, simply click cancel to return to the Bed Reservation page. You can always come back later to select your bed, once you have received your password.